Monday, August 27, 2012

Jack Purcell - Instagram of the Day

Love this pic courtesy of Instagram stephenday ...

Ugly Jack Purcell of the Day - Spraypaint Glossie

I've never seen these before so I'm assuming someone made them on their own.  They look like some kid decided to get crazy and make his own sneaker for prom.  They are slicky looking, spray painted looking, mess-o-problems.  In other words, a strong return to the "Ugly Jack Purcell of the Day".  Oh, by the way, available on eBay for a mere $80 plus $15 shipping.  A c-note and they are yours.  AND!  They've supposedly sold 17 already.  Apologies if you are one of the 17...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Jack Purcell - Camo - Asian Site Find

I love these Asian website finds!  Here's the Desert Storm pattern Camo's.  The best part is the price on the lower left... $699!  Man, oh, man... I'll find 'em for ya at half that price!

Jack Purcell - Instagram of the Day

Jack Purcell Instagram of the Day found HERE courtesy of toshijp_m

Friday, August 24, 2012

Jack Purcell - Asian Web Find

Jack Purcell Camo - RANT

Have I mentioned yet that I think the camp Jack Purcell is the dumbest idea.  Camo has never been the swiftest fabric to use in fashion.  It is a tool for disguising ones presence.  You use camouflage so that ducks will not see you prior to you killing them.  Soldiers use camouflage so that the enemy will not see you prior to you killing them.

Camo has never looked good as a fashion accessory.  In the goober parts of the US, it is often used because it is in those parts of the country where there is a prevalent hunting culture.  It's natural.  Most sports teams have a camo version of their team wear because "sport is war", right?  But beyond that, it is found on seat cushions, beer coolers and umbrella hats (see below).
For example, take a look at the tuxedo below.  Clearly, this high school youngster stumbled onto clever notion, worked a summer job to buy some fabric and had the local tailor/seamstress/grandma sew him together a tux for the prom.  Don't fall for the hype, people!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jack Purcell Hi Velcro - Brown Leather

I want to say these are from 2008 but I spotted them on a Portugese website HERE just this week. Not sure if these are old stock being repackaged as new stuff or something new altogether. Either way, very, very nice-o-la...

Jack Purcell John Varvatos & Sprint Grip

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jack Purcell - Instagram Pics

Unless my eyes deceive me, these are the Camo's (All Stars) and some blue flower thing I am at a loss to identify from Instagram HERE and

Jack Purcell x John Varvatos - Ebay Find

Bid HERE (note: they aren't mine) for a pre-owned pair of John Varvatos on the ol' Ebay. These are the 2007's that I have a soft spot for but they are size 10 and thus too small for my massive 12's or I would be bidding. They look in good to excellent shape, I would guess worn a handful of times...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jack Purcell Racearound - Candid - NIB Pics!

Cool little set of unboxing pics I picked up off a message board HERE.  Jack Purcell Racearound with some interesting Russian language sizing tags.  Coolio...

Jack Purcell - Collage - Instagram

A nice Instagram collage from Foot Asylum, post is HERE.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Jack Purcell Instagram - Clean Whites! - Candid

Some nice white Jack Purcells, the perfect way to clean-up any look. Courtesy of Instagram user Justbobbyt available here.

Jack Purcell Pique - Asian Web Images

I love the look of these Asian websites.  Really like how the Jack Purcell Pique looks there as well!  Courtesy of Javari.  Here is the original post and a shot of the sneaker below...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jack Purcell - Instagram Collage - Blue Canvas

Courtesy of Instagram member kalina787 shown HERE.

Jack Purcell x N.Hoolywood - Collabo - REVIEW

Pictures and information courtesy of our pals at Hypebeast HERE.  Once again, we are saddled with a collabo.  How do we know?  I costs $295 dollars.  That's right, $295.  That's not nearly as bad as the Japanese who have to pay ¥23,100 JPY!

(Side note:  This is what we call a joke.  I know, that is the same price.   I was being self-depracating [that means making fun of myself] and making fun of my xenophobic, hiding in the basement American-ness.  Back to post.)

Meanwhile, us cheap-o, size twelve wearing idiots pull out the same blue canvas Jacks so we don't step on glass when we go to take out the trash.  I suppose I'm not heading out to the club anytime soon, so I'll wait for the N.Hoolywood x Jack Purcell to hit ebay at $39.99 plus shipping.

By the way, the Jack Purcell x N. Hoolywood looks pretty cool.  Interesting and understated color.  Not a hot mess like some collabos (no straps, buckles or attachments that I can tell).  Cool-looking logo representation inside of the shoe, which I dig.   So the choice is this:  should I get five pairs from Zappos or one pair of these?

I've ranted before about the high price of collabo's in the past, but I've come to accept that high prices are the point of collabos.  They should be expensive because they are fancy-pants, and will only be seen on one of Brad and Angelina's kids as they walk through the airport.  I also believe that they make something along the lines of thirty pairs, give out most of them to their friends, send a couple of pairs to Angelina Jolie's personal assistant (for the kids, you know), send a picture to Hypebeast for some pub, and sell the remaining size 5's and 6's on their website. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jack Purcell Mid Suede - REVIEW

I always like it when they put a price tag on something like our beloved Jack Purcell at "merely $112 dollars!" and act like that is okay. That is not okay. Look, I loves me my Jacks, but please... As cool as they are, they aren't like lots of these collector sneakers that grow in value.  Even vintage Jacks are about the price of regular ol' new sneaks.  Play it smart, wait "merely 112 days" and they will be on sale for $39.99.

Unless you just have to be ahead of the curve, and I know some of you hipster cats NEED to be ahead of the curve, wait a month or two and they always end up being more affordable for us regular joe's. Here you go, the Jack Purcell Mid Suede in two colors blue and burgundy.

Suede is traditionally a fabric that would make these sneakers a 'going out' sneaker only, preferably not to a wet and smelly bar. No rain, no beer, no sweat gets on these Jacks or they are ruined. Think about that before you plunk down the $112 plus tax. Look, if $112 is too expensive (I can't seem to get past that, can I?) then you are lucky. In Japan, they are ¥8,800 JPY.

I dig the colors, I dig the contrasting stitching, and if a size 12 were to hit my mailbox I wouldn't send them back. But wear with care...