Tuesday, July 31, 2012

POLL! Unofficial Jack's Everyday Jack Purcell

You can decide! Unofficial Jack is about to purchase an EVERYDAY sneaker for the usual back and forth. After much discussion with Ms. Unofficial Jack, it was decided to put the vote to the world. Please vote and decide, what should be Unofficial Jack's Unofficial everyday sneaker?

Jack Purcell Braniff

Picked this up from High Snobiety.  Jack Purcell Braniff.  You youngsters may be too young to remember Braniff, but it was the hipster Virgin Airline of its day.  Hipster coolness...

Jack Purcell x Hurley x Rick Griffin Collabo

Funky color and a logo stitched on. Not the cleverest collabo to come to the pike but not the worst from last holiday season.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Jack Purcell x Masafumi Watanabe Collabo

Built on a Jack Purcell Johnny, the Jack Purcell Masafumi Watanabe.  Here's the press release.

Jack Purcell Evo 2

Yawn... Jack Purcell's lone foray into the performance sneaker category.  Still not sure why they decided to create a real "tennis shoe" (for actually playing tennis) but they have.  Last season, the Evo was the official shoe of Harvard Tennis so I'm assuming someone in the Converse hierarchy played for the Crimson. That particular someone wanted a smiley face on the front of their workout sneaker and they got it.

So here we get the EVO 2.  Built on a Nike body (I still haven't figured out which one), this is the next iteration.  The red version has a little more personality with the red stripe going all the way up to include string holes.  The green and the grey versions aren't so lucky.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jack Purcell - Lookback! 2009 Pinstripe Pack

The here today, gone tomorrow Jack Purcell Pinstripe Pack from summer 2009...

Jack Purcell Carrie Yellow w/Leather

This is the canvas and leather Jack Purcell Carrie women's tennis shoe in a more fashionable color scheme.

Jack Purcell Wallpaper - Bowling Shoes Edition

Friday, July 27, 2012

Jack Purcells - Twilight of a Favored Pair

For some silly reason, I've really liked this particular pair of Jack Purcells.  They were an old school pair I paid a little extra for and somehow made my everyday shoes.  I really shouldn't have done that but I did.  Now, like an old dog with only a few weeks left, they sit forlorn in the corner, always ready. "Just give me a minute, I'll be there..." they seem to be saying.  I'm about to weep for my old Jack's.  Might as well wear them to the bitter end at this point!

Jack Purcell Carrie Women's Tennis Shoe

Jack Purcell Carrie Women's Tennis Shoe in white and pink.

Jack Purcell - 2009 Wayback! Vibrant Blue Stage

Trying to add a little variety and hipster colors, Jack Purcell busted out a vibrant aqua-ish blue to the standard JP canvas. Kind of liked it...

Jack Purcell x Lisa Simpson Collabo

Jack Purcell x Lisa Simpson Fantasy Collabo. Lisa Simpson head on a yellow canvas JP lower.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jack Purcell in "Casino Royale" James Bond

Remember that wicked chase scene to start off Casino Royale where Daniel Craig's James Bond parkour's his way across Madagascar?  He's sporting the Jack Purcell OTR in chocolate and paprika. Thanks to Bond Lifestyle for this one...

Jack Purcell "Blue Tips" Mother's Day Pick-up - Video - Candid

Fun video showing an unboxing of a pair of blue canvas standard Jack Purcell's. Apparently, mom uses the old school name from the 50's for the JP's, "Blue Tips". Nice...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

Jack Purcell CLOT Low

The Jack Purcell CLOT low. As much as I think the hi-top version of the CLOT is horrendous, I really like the low. The design and thickness seem a more natural profile for this version of the shoe.  This is the most 'normal' looking (in terms of profile) for any Jack Purcell.

I think the reddish-orange in the toe smiley and the upper shoe string really pops well against the black and cream.  The leather around the string holes and the swirl patterned stitching is welcome and a nice use of the collabo concept.  I hate when they slap logos on a standard JP and call it a collabo.  The low CLOT is a true collabo in that sense:  a modified version.  I would go ahead and burn all the high-top versions and make a whole line of lows!

The tan body version (below) I don't like as much.

Jack Purcell - Custom Paint Job! Instagram

Instagram courtesy mrforts ... http://instagram.com/p/NCWBFwHJKD/

I may be mistaken but the shape of these shoes makes me think that these are old style from years back.  (See here)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jack Purcell Garment Dye - Review

Even though Converse is pretty much phoning it in here...  Not all that much to complain about here (and I like to complain) this is a nice, solid standard Jack Purcell for the summer crowd. I like the feel of the cotton upper and the rubber is sole is pretty standard. 

My biggest complaint is the lack of colors. I feel like you can never go wrong when you offer any of the standards versions of the Jack Purcell with navy and white. Why no navy and white? They aren't summer enough or nautical enough? Besides that, you can't go wrong at the $60.00 price point.  

Jack Purcell x Baltimore Orioles Collabo

Jack Purcell x Baltimore Orioles Fantasy Collabo.  Black leather JP low's with O's cap logo stitched on the sides (similar to the Comme Des Garcons debacle).  O's orange in the toe smile, in the tongue logo and on the sole badge.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Jack Purcell x Robot Films Collabo

Jack Purcell x Robot films fantasy collabo.  Built on a all black hi, logo stitching on the side. Don't ask where to buy it, it's a secret right now.

Classic Blue Canvas - Ready for Retirement