Monday, January 31, 2011

Jack Purcell - EVO Tennis Sneaker of Harvard?

Word on the streets is that Converse is releasing the JACK PURCELL EVO on February 15th.  The information was released via a press release that I have not seen yet but here is the gist from several sites:

The shoe has Jack Purcell branding but is a "real" performance sneaker designed for athletics. 

Let's be honest... the JP is mainly for the looks and looking stylish.  The Evo is designed for a little bit more.  Because of that, there is very little about this sneaker that would alert anyone to the Jack Purcell name other than the smiley face on the toe and the Jack Purcell logo on the tongue and sole and heel.  The profile doesn't look anything like the JP and I can't tell if the shoelace aglet is logoed.

The significant news about this is that the Harvard tennis team is reportedly sporting the JP as part of their uniform though I haven't confirmed that yet either.  I guess this makes this officially a Jack Purcell "Tennis Shoe".  Yikes, I don't like the sound of that...

Amsterdam Fashion Week - Bravado Show

Did you know there was an Amsterdam Fashion Week?  I didn't either.  Did you know there was a cool-guy brand out of Germany called Bravado that does music, fashion, and other cool-guy stuff?  Me neither.  I guess being a xenophobic American living in sunny Southern California has its disadvantages.

I may be an uncool geek-a-zoid, but now I am a fan of both (unless my German to English translator is feeding me bad info) because the Bravado Fashion Show at Amsterdam Fashion Week partnered with Converse to have all of their models sports all black Jack Purcells.  Niiiiiice.

Photo courtesy of UPR

Photo courtesy of UPR
UPR blog post link HERE
Bravado link HERE

Sunday, January 30, 2011

RIP - Jeff's White Leather Jack Purcell's

Alas, one of my favorite pair of Jack Purcell's just couldn't be repaired sufficiently. My wife finally pulled the plug, she knew I could never make the decision on my own. There was just too much dirt, too many holes, too much wear-and-tear. But just because my favorite all white leather Jack Purcell's could no longer be worn, does not mean that you just throw them away. No, sir.

You can't let a little thing like burst-out holes and long-gone leather on the sides deter one from getting a good use out of these sneaks. A confirmed pack-rat and hoarder-in-training couldn't possibly let an old pair of shoes go straight to the trash. So as my wife shook her head in disgust, I went to work harvesting the organs out of my old Jack Purcell's.

First off, remove the shoe strings. Every Jack Purcell geek knows that the shoe strings have the branded tips that are impossible to find without buying a whole new pair of shoes. So I removed the shoe strings, cleaned them with soap and water and put them straight into a two-week bath in the bleach.

Second, I pulled out the shears and removed the smiley face fish-head. These are in terrific shape and make the perfect... well... I'm not sure what, yet. But I'm gonna think of something. The same with the tongue logo and distinctive sole logo.

Every good pack rat will give you the standard slogan: "I could use them for something someday." We'll see.

Until then, they join the pile of completely worn-out Jack Purcells that I couldn't bear to throw away.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sneaker of the Beatles - Jack Purcell

I was browsing the magazine rack recently on my whirlwind trip through mysterious Indianapolis when I happen to glance at the latest cover of Rolling Stone and much to my delight caught a glimpse of those tell-tale smiley faced Jack Purcell's. That's right, none other than Beatle George Harrison is sporting a well-worn pair of all white canvas Jack Purcell's in this band photo on the cover (see close-up below). End Jack Purcell geek-alert.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jack Purcell - DC Phil Frost Skate Edition

While not technically a Jack Purcell, this custom sneaker sports the unmistakable Jack Purcell smiley face and fishhead toe.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jack Purcell Pop-Up Store - Paris UPDATED

Good news for Jack Purcell fans if you happen to be in Paris.  Converse has opened a pop-up store in the Marais neighborhood.  Not sure how many Jack Purcell fans their actually are in France but my handy-dandy French-to-English translator has been a big help in determining that there are at least some.  But being a "pop-up" store means "temporary" which means in this case, the store is only open 3 weeks (January 22 - February 12).

Photos courtesy of Skeud

Blog coverage French site Urban, Fun & Lifestyle
Blog coverage from the official Converse site
Blog coverage from Mail Movement
Blog coverage and TONS of pictures at Freshness Mag

The big highlight out of Paris is theshowcasing of two new specific JP lines:  A men's training shoe called the "Johnny" and a women's line called "Helen".  FYI, Helen is the name of the real Jack Purcell's wife.

By the way, if you are in the neighborhood, the address:

56 Rue de Saintonge

75003 Paris
01 44 54 08 21

Jack Purcell Commercial

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

James Dean: Jack Purcell Man

The King of Cool himself James Dean has always been a style icon. Here's the classic picture of him chillin' like a villain on a sound stage somewhere, kicking up his white canvas Jack Purcell's between takes.

Hard to mistake the shape of the design on the sole of the sneaker (see picture below) and the smiley face on the right toe. Gives us older cats some hope when the coolest fashion dude of the last half century is wearing white sneakers WITH BLACK SOCKS! Oh man, make fun of me now.

Jack Purcell Leather White

Jeff's Jack Purcell Zipper HI - Black/Milk

Merry Christmas to me! This was a very nice gift, probably something I would not have purchased for myself but am very glad to have.

These are my first high-top Jack Purcell. These are the JP ZIPPER HI in the black and milk (I have another pair with a different color combo I'll post later). Not quite sure if you are supposed to put the laces on top of the zipper or it is optional or you aren't supposed to so I need to do a little research so I don't go out in public looking stupid. The fit is tremendous. The soft leather interior molds around the ankle and feet for a very comfy fit.

One thing to note: I got three pairs of Jack Purcell's this holiday and none of them had the custom JP aglet on the end of the laces. Not sure if that is something that was discontinued but "Hey Converse! I noticed and want them back!"

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jack Purcell RED Ox

As part of the Christmas wrap-up, I have some really cool things I received as gifts. Time to start showing off the wares...

One of my fancy-pantest gifts came from my well-connected Hollywood pal who know's of my love for the Jack Purcell and happened upon this particular pair of Jack's at the world famous Undefeated sneaker store. These are the Jack Purcell RED. I encourage you to read about RED, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, which I knew nothing about until I got these sneakers.

Every bit of the packaging, from the top of the box to the tissue paper inside, to the tags, is all tricked-out in the RED logo/branding. I'm kind of a sucker for this kind of complete branding so it was just fun going through all of it.

These will be 'saver' sneakers that I can now have in reserve for an important meeting/occasion/event. I am now well loaded on the 'saver' front. Pictures below...

Jack Purcell Garment Dyed Oxford - REVIEW!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blue Canvas OLD SCHOOL!

I found this pair of Jack Purcell's at a vintage sneaker store in Silverlake, CA. These are an old style Jack Purcell Blue Canvas.

Being old school, they are a completely different cut and mold from those currently on the market from Converse. These older models actually feel more like a typical sneaker. Your average Jack Purcell tends to sit flat and feel almost like a moccasin. The sole isn't very thick, so you tend to stand lower and quite frankly have to get used to it.

These old school blues sit higher like a Nike or Adidas so have a different feel to them. They no longer make them this way, but you run into them occasionally if you keep your eye out. I save these and wear them every so often when I'm trying to look casual but have to have a sharpness to my look. In Hollywood, this would be your lower level meetings or a semi-power meal.

I would wear these to a special day at church (Easter/Christmas) but not regular church (don't want to waste the newness). I'm trying to preserve the newness so they only come out every so often. Starting to get a little wear so I need to be careful!

It's at this point that you laugh at the fact that I have rules for when to wear different sneakers.

Jack Purcell Boat Shoe Mid

Friday, January 21, 2011

Jack Purcell Old Sneaker Harvest

Why throw them away when you can clean them up and use them for parts? Go ahead, shake your head. I get it every day!

Note to wife: No, I'm not telling you where I hide these.

Note to world: No, I don't quite know yet how to get that smiley face off the front of the sneaker but I'm working on it.